Teddies - An Overview

In his Tale method, following Yu remaining Inaba in Persona 4, Teddie retained active by Performing at Junes. At some point, he can’t find Yosuke, so he dives Within the Tv set globe to go search for him. Teddie lands inside a strange classroom with cleaning devices nearby and works by using the products to pull off a MacGyver-deserving escape. He meets Labrys and is particularly awestruck by her beauty and gives to be her "knight." Players will operate right into a suspicious dude with a pink cloak along with a "superstar natural beauty" in Teddie’s tale.

Teddie is greatest referred to as a trickster character with numerous types of equipment together with, although not restricted to: a teleport, ailment-resulting in specials along with a big selection of throwing objects that dynamically change the stream of struggle. Unlike previous Arc Methods characters in the identical design and style, his things occur out in the preset buy. He is likewise the only real character which can inflict rage (via an merchandise and his Furious Motion) which permits him to develop very devastating setups but also undergo enhanced hurt through the opponent for a little length of time if he receives caught.

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As the story development, Teddie begins to produce a fear that he Probably has no "legitimate self" and that he has no Reminiscences to recover, but carries on to search for them Irrespective. This brings about the creator of Shadow Teddie.

At the end of Increase's dungeon, Increase's Shadow manages to overpower the workforce and prepares to finish them off when Teddie attacks, controlling to weaken her that has a burst of ability that ends up deflating him.

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A different revival started inside the 1980s and 1990s, underneath the identify "teddy" or "bodysuit", when the garment was made of spandex, showcasing transient building combining characteristics of the bra and panties, or leotard, and brighter colors.

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His Furious Action Specially can help him reset the momentum (and arguably sets it to his advantage because of Rage) as regardless of whether the opponent isn't strike from the go alone, the counter effect constantly places Teddie at a certain distance behind the opponent generating a counterattack extremely awkward to perform.

"Irrespective of how really hard I feel, there is too a lot of things my minor brain cannot understand... But, I do have an understanding of something now... I'm happy which i satisfied you, Sensei."

Just after establishing an Moi, Teddie turns into a teenage boy with blond hair pulled to his left facet, brilliant blue eyes and fair pores and skin. He is revealed donning a white blouse-like shirt with many adornments just like a red rose in addition to a flamboyantly intended collar.

Becoming a comic aid character, Teddie is usually bubbly and cute and is understood to lighten the mood when investigating the case, very similar to Chie. Quite possibly due to staying a Shadow unfamiliar While using the human globe, or perhaps due to becoming a cartoon bear, Teddie has a great deal of childish naivety, innocence, which is pure of coronary heart.

Correct following the Demise of Kinshiro Morooka, the crew asks Teddie, who has occur for their side, if someone was thrown from the TV even though he was in, but Teddie answers negatively.

His hitbox is very irregular when compared with the Other individuals (he is a bear after all), which results in conditions in which combos might whiff on him or unique combos that implement to Teddie only. He also lacks an overhead attack, excluding his All-Out Attack that has a visible startup.

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